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Nicole Price, MFT
(707) 595-0535

As a Marriage and Family Therapist in Santa Rosa, I provide counseling services using a combination of compassionate understanding and clinical technique, while providing clients with a safe, confidential space in which to develop a deeper understanding of their feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

My work as a co-parent counselor involves helping parents navigate changes the family is experiencing relating to separation/divorce with the mutual goal of minimizing any negative impacts on their children. I work with clients to develop parenting plans to more effectively coordinate and manage difficult decisions such as timeshare, medical and school decisions. Co-parent counseling can be very helpful to both parents and children by improving clarity of arrangements and decreasing conflict in these often emotionally complex circumstances. As a reunification therapist, I work with estranged children and parents to assist in working through issues that may have previously impeded their relationship. The estrangement may occur for any number of reasons, including divorce, parental alienation, abuse or incarceration. I assist in identifying relational barriers between the parent and child, and help to create a plan to reduce any negative associations between them while building positive connections and experiences in a safe, supportive atmosphere. I hold an undergraduate degree in Rhetoric and Communication from UC Davis and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from University of San Francisco. MFT license 93487.

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